Tuesday, 26 February 2013

I can't think of a heading

Last night, I lay awake for some time, thanks to being sick. I came across the thought of how I can make a post more interesting by its intro only. How a about a poorly written, shamelessly short poem?

Tribal - surely anything but idle.
Army - not the kind that you’d see on Barbie.
Faux leather - handy for every season, any weather.
High waisted short… yeah I got nothin’

So anyways, are you in need of a pre or mid-autumn look? I got the amazing opportunity to shoot with stunning garments from the one (and only) The Lot; a contemporary fashion retailer, with the taste for anything daring, trendy and fierce.

I paired a tribal print jersey with a high waisted black short, some black army boots, a cool and casual rounded sunnie, a cute leather bag and a striking thunder ring. (When I reread this sentence I literally feel out of breath) I find autumn and spring difficult, as I never, ever know what to wear during those seasons. It’s both hot and cold, and a quick wardrobe change would not provide a happy camper.

A sweater can definitely be too hot for summer, which makes it a good choice for a season like autumn or spring. An army boot is always fun to play around with. I find it quite versatile. Accessorizing has always been fun, and it, obviously, adds that little extra something.

I have another outfit or two on its way, stocked by none other than The Lot. Their charming little store in Stellenbosch was too kind by helping. My model and I only had under an hour to shoot, so we took the streets and BAM! we photographed, not caring what the gawking pedestrians thought.

All in all, I think this outfit is a winner. I’ll probably be back at the store. They received new stock (winning) and it’s something I’d urge all you fashionable kids to check out.

Before I end this post, The Lot has a website from where you can buy online - http://ilovethelot.com/ yep. It’s that cool.

Mia Uys

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how awesome is it that I just made another rhyme. 

Friday, 22 February 2013

JC Litas

A few weeks ago, I see these heels for the first time on Lookbook. On first impression, it made me think of stilettos on steroids.

The shoe's name “Lita” is inspired by Lita Ford, lead guitarist from the 70’s American rock band The Runaways. The daring heel can be a little too daring for some. What attracted me to this shoe is that even though it looks as if one may be walking on stilts, Jeffrey Campbell Litas are something to die for. It’s so unique, and different from the usual high heeled fa├žade. It’s meant for winter as well as summer, plus it’s a shoe that’s known for the various colours and patterned materials it comes in (I’m talking red, blue, mint, lace, leather, universe, glitter, spikes, flags – the works.)

These fashionably intact heels are something to certainly look out for. Scouring the outfits on Lookbook.nu, where fashion enthusiasts take the time to colour the internet with their outfits, I’ve come to notice of these super trendy heels. Contrary to popular belief, Litas are actually comfortable. Yes, comfortable heels, weird right?   





A Lita is a statement item. It’s one of those items that cannot slip through your fingers.  If you’re feeling wild, daring and ready for an item like this, then go for it. And if you happen to own a pair, take a picture of it and pah-lease! email it to me, at monikieler@gmail.com

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Local is Lekker.

Boost Surf Shop – chilled, locally flavoured, and simple.

I tried out a new shop with garments that are much sportier than the outfits I’d usually post. On this specific Friday afternoon, my model and I took to the streets. With a sunny Stellenbosch day, and a few locals that were more than willing to pose with, we shot the entire afternoon. It was tiring, but definitely worth it.

From this season, summer brought its usual trends; shorts, skirts, tees, V-necks, sneakers, the works. I wanted to portray a simple outfit  easy and comfortable, with a dash of local. A plain jean short, booties, a stellies tee and a few bracelets. And what better way to add the local spice to the photographs by using the community itself?

For the kids near Stellenbosch, Boost Surf Shop’s address is Shop E15, Eikestad Mall in Adringa Street. The shop sells clothes for guys and girls. So if you’re looking for some beachwear, a casual tee or even a skateboard, this is definitely a shop to visit on your next shopping trip. 

Oh, and they've got the coolest bosses!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Flyin' High

The legendary ‘Bomber Jacket’ has decided to enter this year’s fashion forecast. Designed to be worn more than a few feet above the air, this jacket is easy on the eye, definitely in this year’s trend forecast, and it’s meant for both sexes.

The bomber jacket was originally designed for pilots (which explain why it’s also called a flight jacket.) Of course apparel wouldn't let this design go unnoticed. Pilots wore these jackets to stay warm, as most airplanes didn't have enclosed cockpits during World War I. It’s a pretty neat jacket – it’s short, tight around the waist, and zips up.

This jacket is similar to the football jacket in terms of size, as well as the old school jean jacket. The difference comes in the material and the visual design of the jacket itself. Other than old school jean jackets, it’s fitted at the wrists plus it’s not made out of jean material.  All in all, it’s great outerwear for winter’s cold, windy days. It keeps out the cold, whilst looking put-together and fashionable. 

Whenever you decide to go season shopping for winter clothing, keep an eye out for these jackets. It's an all time classic, to own one would definitely be a win.

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