Friday, 17 May 2013

Boucle and Biker

So plain. So easy-to-wear. So comfortable.
So fashionable.

These two fashion items, completely contrasting in style and the physical form itself, both capture the effortless comfort of an outfit, meant to last.

The Boucle Jacket

The first time that I made an acquaintance with this jacket, I connected it to someone British. It reminded me of the Queen of England. I bought my first Boucle Jacket about a year ago. This is not a new trend, but it is a timeless trend. And a trend to try.

The first Boucle Jacket was produced by Chanel, richly textured with fine wool. This jacket was one of the trends that added the fuse to spark the success that Chanel carries today. The Jacket varies from a cut to the waist, to a length that reaches just before the hips. Two sleeves, slightly padded shoulders, satin inners – a symbol of a classic and feminine style.

This jacket is quite different, visually, from other jackets. One can easily identify it apart from other jackets. This is because of the universally used wool, real or faux, and the unique style and cut. The best thing about this collarless jacket is that it compliments all figures. Yes; all figures. It can be worn with a pair of good skinnies, or a form fitting skirt or whatever you think fits.

Watch out for the biker boots in the next post x