Thursday, 26 June 2014

That turtleneck sweater

We've detested turtlenecks as a younger brown-haired girls. Our mothers forced themselves into its claws, and my hatred toward it grew solemnly. With that said, however, as one grows, one’s style grows and evolves on a daily basis. As Tommy Hilfiger’s fall 2014 fashion show agrees, turtlenecks are on the list for current trends for winter.

A style that dates back to the 15th century, turtlenecks has attracted a lot of controversy in its past. Yet, it’s a classical and chic piece to wear this winter – if you’re not wearing it already. The best way to describe its demure is simply, ageless. Sleek. Audrey Hepburn. It’s a key trend that could make or break an outfit.

A turtleneck immediately brings your face into focus. Opt for cozy, touchable materials for your turtleneck sweater. Turtlenecks are criticised for creating an itchy sensation around the neck, but that is only subject to the choice of material used. If you’re weary about trying this trend, the ultimate classic to try is an elegant black turtleneck. It creates a clean palette to add other sources of colour or pattern to.

Turtlenecks are truly a trend to try. Its addition would be nothing less than an asset to your already stylish wardrobe. 

Tommy Hilfiger // Fall/Winter '14

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

It's in the bag

Essential is the word that comes to mind when one mentions a handbag to a woman. Be it a fringed-satchel, bucket bag or an embellished clutch, handbags are essential. The relationship between a woman and her love for handbags is a very hard one to describe, and it’s only one we women understand.  

Whether the bag is practical or an impractical hot mess, we love ourselves some arm candy.  We carry our most glamorous clutches to cocktail parties, our hippest backpacks to Coachella and our chicest Birkins to lunch with the girls. The decision to not carry a handbag is one rarely taken, even after nearly an hour’s deliberation.  Usually it turns out that we didn’t really need to carry a handbag after all, but it is that there is more to the handbag than just carrying one. A handbag – it’s about status, it’s about content and it screams desirability. 

Women, like magicians, never dare to reveal their secrets. Just as a woman wouldn’t reveal her age, don’t expect her to reveal her bag’s contents. Ever notice that uneasy look women receive on their faces when someone glances at their handbag?  Or the uncontrollable anxiety when something rolls out of it?  Women tend to feel somewhat exposed, as if your dirtiest laundry has been put on display and there’s nothing you can do about it.  The handbag of a woman usually consists of the same type of items, but with a unique touch. A handbag is something personal, and causes women to cling on to it for life or death.

The handbag has become more than just an easy way to avoid bulging pockets; it’s become a statement piece, a representation of its owner. You can very easily understand a woman by looking at the contents and style of her bag. Here’s an easy example: if you see a woman dressed in highly corporate attire sporting black snakeskin leather Hermès Birkin bag, it is most likely that they’ve got a strict no-nonsense policy with an assistant who is absolutely terrified of them…

This may seem stereotypical, but fashion talks. And that’s just based on the type of bag; now imagine what you could find out if you had a peek at the contents of the bag.  Imagine if you had to work for a company with a dress code, your handbag would be the only thing you had to express your individuality and a sense of who you were. Sharing the contents of your handbag is almost like undergoing a personality test; it reveals deep information about you.

Handbags also carry status. Be it your social status or the status of the bag itself. Most teenage and pre-adults yearn after that statement, black Chanel clutch. Yes, that one you may have dreamt of before. All the big bloggers seem to own one.

Some may even go as far as to say that your handbag can tell people exactly just how high (or low) your pay check at the end of the month is.  This statement of course, is debateable.  

There’s also a certain desirability that comes with owning a certain handbag. Women like the idea of having something that every other woman is yearning for, especially that girl they hated so much back in junior school. There’s a certain aura and grace that comes with having the ‘It’ bag of the season. You feel so happy you could host a party on cloud 9. 

A lot of people seem to underestimate the importance of buying or choosing a handbag. Many (especially chauvinistic men) don’t seem to understand what the fuss is about when it comes to handbags. But we definitely believe you could judge a lady by her bag and its contents. Like Izaac Mizrahl said, your handbag is the most emotional purchase you make.

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A Sit Down: Don't rush your life

A younger version of us used to dream about the big life. We dreamt about waking up to the smell of coffee and applying mommy’s make up. We longed for the day when we would also be grownups.

At the mere age of seventeen, regret has oozed its way into my vocabulary. The 14-year old version of me would think I’m crazy, because who doesn’t want to grow up at that stage?

As young children, excitement and carefreeness ruled our endless days. Play dates and sweets filled our appetites. Life used to be one epic holiday. Mommy and Daddy were our heroes. Santa Claus used to be real.

The world seemed big and exuberant from your point of view. We cried and laughed and slept with a sense of joy. Big words were monotonously ignored. Our minds could create the world’s most riveting and compelling stories and adventures.

But, we couldn’t wait to grow up.

Slowly but surely, education entered out lives. We started making more and more friends. We became influenced by more dominated opinions – unless of course, you were the opinionated. And slowly but surely, day by day, a piece of our youth disintegrated at a slow pace.

Cartoon Network. Powerpuff Girls. Slumber parties. Your first friend fight. Gossip. Grounded for the first time. Boys. Clothes. Make up… We infiltrated the teenage stage of life. We started materializing thoughts of our own. We grew self-conscious. Some just tried to fit in. At that stage, we all wondered what life would be like several years later. We all waited anxiously for that life to arrive.

We couldn’t wait to grow up.

From primary school’s awkward stage, high school arrived. We marvelled at the thought of high school and all its vices. How extraordinary the status of an 18 year-old would be. The age where you’re able to do whatever whenever without mum and dad’s agonizing consent. 

Throughout the course of high school, we journeyed against a pace of agitation. We hurried for the status of an older self – our youth passed us by.

It also promised some ominous truths we failed to see coming. We lost friends. We greeted alcohol. We winked at tobacco. Some tumbled at drug’s presence. The arrogance of school prestige at academics and sports continued in social aspects.

Cliques. If destiny was kind enough to grace you with a certain, exclusive group, you were lucky. The friends we thought were our true friends at grade 8’s midst, slowly faded. Your closest friend may have become your most malicious enemy. If you liked the same boy as one of the popular girls, well, may the odds have been in your favour.

We couldn’t wait to grow up. 

Looks became more handsome than knowledge. Materialism. We allowed others to influence us. We made mistakes of which we knew the result. We started hating our parents. Because after all, what did they know about anything? Old people don’t understand us, right?

We still strive to grow up.

Yes, the world after primary education seems so grown up and official. We sugar-coat our thoughts continuously of what life would be like “one day” – much like what we’ve been doing these past few years. We need to slow down a bit and enjoy the present before it slips away.

One can never relive the past. One can never regain that carefree youth.

We can wait to grow up. 

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Boots & Buckles

Shy away from uggs and combats and put your best foot forward with a low-heeled - sometimes medium-heeled - boot in a simple shape with a touch of gold or silver, usually in the form of a buckle or zip. These boots work for daytime and a night out. If you’re the type to experiment, opt for a pair with a glossy finish. For those of you who are feeling a little bit adventurous, they come in cut-outs too. 

Stars like Kylie Jenner have been seen sporting this ultra-trendy boot. Yes, they may somehow defeat the purpose but it’s not like you actually wear boots to keep you warm right? It’s also a major summer trend, so be sure to stock ‘em up at your nearest RageZara or Topshop. Do it for the style points you’ll be scoring.  

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One of my most mellow friends can be known for her passion for surfing, for nature, and mostly, photography. Her talents come naturally and she owns the ability to add certain means of honesty to her photography. We had four words to choose from which we had to portray one word in our own way.

Sam chose obsession – closely linked to the prescribed fetish – and clearly portrayed a unconventional approach to spiders. Usually, most would cower away when the sight of a spider enters ones view. Sam captured a new approach, which seem to be somewhat romantic. Well, without further ado..


Fresh off the Runway

A few favourites by Derek Lam. His ready-to-wear collection is easy-going and puts itself on the map. We introduce, Spring/Summer 2015 by Crosby Derek Lam, Ready-to-wear.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Fur fetched

Nothing adds a bit of sass to your ensemble quite like a furry friend, not a real one of course. Make a furry statement this season with coats, gilets, fur collars and fur-lined hats as seen on the runways of Marc Jacobs, Alexandra McQueen and Fendi.

A huge trend right now is fur coats. To be even clearer, try to target classic, mid-length coats that reach around the hips, with mid-length or full-length sleeves. Though we must add, mid-length sleeves are kind of in right now. It allows you to show off some arm candy or whatever you decide to wear underneath. The best way to emphasize a daring fur coat is by adding some stunner stilettos. Nothing says class like these sky-high creatures. But as we all now, fashion has no restrictions and it’s all about what you feel like. Be it boots or pumps!

One of the biggest faux fur fashionistas has to be Rihanna. At Dior’s Fall/Winter 2014 runway show, she wowed the public with a red fur coat, stockings, a black dress, elegant pearls and black heels. At Lanvin’s Fall 2014 fashion show – Paris as well – she mystified onlookers in a grey ensemble and a ombre fur shawl. She arrived at the Commes des Garçons fashion show in a baggy leather overcoat, a black beanie with ears, and a prominent white fur throw that reads fear as it runs down in black.

This eccentric trend can be high fashion, edgy and chic all at the same time. This one is definitely fur you girls.

Rihanna // Christian Dior Fall 2014 Show

Rihanna // Commes des Garçons Fashion Show
kendall Jenner // for Michael Kors Fall 2014 Collection
Rita Ora // Gare du Nord Station

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Size it up

The bigger, the better.

It’s all about comfort and size. As the past Fall/Winter FW suggested, oversized coats made its come back this year. Ask the experts – Max Mara, Céline, Chanel and Stella McCartney would all agree on this trendy phenomenon. It’s all about a baggy, oversized appearance in coats these days. I couldn’t agree more.

The jacket fits like a piece of a puzzle to the genre of androgyny. Androgyny is a combination of masculine and feminine qualities. This seemingly shapeless ensemble of material adds a dash of masculinity due to its size and form. This characteristic is what makes it so shockingly attractive. It’s different than the usual - the main aspect that keeps all fashion cycles alive and running.  

A recent trip to Cape Town proves to strengthen this statement. Topshop, Zara, Forever New and Cotton On stock this same, simple trend, keeping its shiny racks company, ready to be bought by the adoring public. It’s one of those items that one may own only a pair of. A coat is a definite necessity during the the cruel weather that is among us. Coats lend heat and protection against winter’s natural elements. So the addition of such a coat would not be a waste; on the contrary, it would be an asset!

It’s quite obvious to spot – look for the big shape overshadowing the rest of the store. The typical oversized coat reaches under the knee or lower. It’s big and baggy on the exterior. This continues throughout to the sleeves that come across as three times the size than a person’s actual arm. Pair it with a turtleneck sweater, fedoras, chunky scarves, or basically, any winter-wondrous outfit. 

Wear it as a usual coat or - as an alternative - wear it by draping it over the shoulders. To be honest, it adds a mysterious and simple vibe to an outfit. One can argue that it continues to add a feeling of elegance created by its overall simplicity and unique shape.

Newlyweds Kimye have even been seen rocking this sophisticated trend. Need we say more? It’s a trend to worthy of trying. So, why not? 

Stelle McCartney // Fall/Winter FW '14-'15
Céline // Fall/Winter '14-'15
Chanel // Fall/Winter '14-'15

Sportmax // Women's Resort 2015

Stella McCarntey // Fall/Winter '14-'15
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