Monday, 3 November 2014

And we danced

I don't know if you can call this a look post. We had our famous matric ball - the equivalent of prom minus the prom-queen part - two months ago, and it lived up to its expectations. It's one of those milestones you dream of when entering high school -now that it has passed, it feels like nothing but a vague memory.

As the theme went Memories take us back; Dreams take us forward I can’t help but feeling excited as well as uneasy – it’s a phase that a lot of us wished could pass. I am guilty of such thoughts. Yet, it’s feels like a lifetime has ended. In my five short years I met the coolest and most interesting people whom I’m able to call my friends. I met flamboyant teachers who had to put up with a class of diverse young “dames” as my school puts it. And now it’s all over.

To be honest, I’m scared of growing up, I mean who isn’t. THE BIG WORLD. Sure it’s exciting, but change scares me. Finals are in progress, and it’s the last step towards the finality of no longer being called “skoolbrood”. Then it’s off to university or wherever, and then comes that part we all call “the rest of our lives”, and as most movies put it, the end of our lives.

I’m not so sure where I’m going with this post, and there’s a huge pile of physics screaming for my attention. So I leave you with something I should’ve told myself five years ago – I’M NOT TRYING TO BE CLICHÉ, but – stop worrying and enjoy the moment you’re in now. I have always worried about various factors that kept me from enjoying the present and of course I regret it. So you, yes you, enjoy the moment if you’re not already. 

Venue: Zorgvliet
Photographer: Nadine Aucamp

 Now on to.. THE LOOK. 
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Dress: Custom Made
Belt: Zara
Earings: Forever New
Stilettos: Witchery
Hand Jewelry: Zuri SA

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