Saturday, 17 November 2012

Summer's got it going on

For the next few posts, Courage and Candy will be subtly stealing the shine, because hey, they've got new stock, and it's waiting just for you.

Firstly, for my female model, I paired a crop corset striped top with a high waisted ripped short. I added a black chiffon top, pairing it with some timeless aviators. For my male model, I went simple – blue grey jeans and a blue check top.

This semi-shoot was the first time I used a male model as well. The sun was shining high, the sugar levels was running low, and time was definitely not on my good side. Even with these factors, I’m more than happy with we've accomplished.

More importantly, Courage and Candy stocked up on new clothing! Is this all the more reason to pay them a visit? I think YES.


  1. awww you both are such a cute couple
    lovely <3
    x the cookies

  2. Amazing post. You have such a fantastic blog. It would be great if we could follow each other.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark