Sunday, 4 November 2012

Photography Portraits

 For my photography project this term, our objective was plainly, portrait shots. About four or five posts ago, I have written of this, yet those images were the ones I took with my digital camera. These pictures were taken with my film camera. After development, I took my film to a camera shop that could put my pictures on a disk.  Thus, I share it with you :D

These images are more intimate, and it creates the feeling that you want to know more of the subject or what she’s hiding. The shadows on my model were created with different objects such as metal structures, plastic structures, materials, lace tops, and a glass bowl.

The objective was of course to create shadows on my model’s face. It creates a feminine and soft atmosphere. Overall I love these images! Plus what makes this more difficult, is the fact that you only get to take the photo once, since it’s a film camera and all.


  1. Love! I've always wanted to work with film. These came out beautifully :)

  2. Loved the Photos!! you're so beautiful!


  3. I wanted to photo with shades from lace etc but have completely forgotten about it! They did it on ANTM some years ago, the photos were gorgeous :) these are awesome aswell!

  4. Dealing with that kind of lighting is SO challenging! These are really incredible -- you've got a ton of talent. :)

  5. Beautiful photos, the model is stunning!

  6. Beautiful!! Very 70s love the shots